Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dream Out Loud: Human Race

The below is my review of this brilliant album "Human Race" released by Dream Out Loud.
You must check this album out - the lead singer of this band, Suraj Jagan - is someone I met while I worked at Milestone Entertainment, where his indiPop career didn't take off due to various reasons (mainly shortage of funds to promote his music, instead of spending the money on albums that were not meant to be) even though I personally loved his music. Even after I quit Milestone four and a half years later, we guys have been in touch continuously and while his indipop career didn't take off - here's his latest work - he and a couple of other talented guys came together and have formed a band called - Dream Out Loud - I saw them perform a long time back - early 2006 - and since then I've been pestering Suraj that he needs to get the music out to the world - to release a CD of it and I'm personally very happy that the band has finally got their album out!

When I first saw the video on of Human Beings on Facebook, I liked it (even though it was a bit too dark for the Indian market)... but I loved the music even more (though till date I never did love the screaming and the noise in songs), but this was different! When I saw the next video , It's Raining Now, on Facebook, I knew I had to buy the album!!! Did you ever want ideal music to curl up on your couch under a blanket and drift away? Listen to the sound of the falling rain, there was no other way, I could wait another day... to get a hold of the album. After initial unsuccessful attempts at buying the album from the more popular music shops I decided to call Suraj and ask him where I could buy the album from - and that's how I got in touch with Music Yogi (http://www.musicyogi.com/), here in Bangalore.

Human Race has a good mix of rock music ranging from slow, soft rock to funk, and a little bit of good old hard rock thrown in for good measure. Since I personally know Suraj, I expected well - written lyrics for the entire album. The entire album showcases Suraj's considerable vocal range with some great songwriting from the band.

The album starts off brilliantly with “Last Days On Earth” reminding us of that all of us as individuals just go on and on with our boring lives, blinded by our greed. The second track, “So Far So Good” is another well written track. One of my personal favourites in the album is the third track - “Prayer in Your Heart”, here it is not just the lyrics but also the music and the way Suraj stresses on the chorus - "With a prayer in your heart; You make a start; And when you open your eyes; You realise where you are; Is this the way it was meant to be; The way we’re going I don’t see; Us getting far".

I thought the album couldn't be better than this, but I was wrong - Drean Out Loud saved the best for the last with their video tracks, "Human Beings", "It's Raining Now", "Desire", "Habit" and "Jigsaw".

Ever since I heard"Human Beings” and "It's Raining Now" - their tunes have remained in my head ever since and I just can't shake it off. "It's Raining Now" especially makes me want to go out and once again start guitar lessons (something that I went for only during my first year in college and then gave up mid-way). I do know that I am definitely going to go out and buy another guitar and start with my lessons shortly. "Habit", “Jigsaw” and "Desire" follow in with similar energy and rhythm.

Overall, the entire album, may not be the vest slow / alternative rock album that a lot of us rock lovers are used to, at Rs. 200/- it is definitely worth it picking up. DO NOT RECORD THE CD FROM SOMEONE ELSE; DON'T DOWNLOAD THE MUSIC FROM THE NET, GO OUT AND BUY YOUR OWN COPY. Help stop piracy!!!

Agreed that Suraj has always been a hard rock musician and he could make a career out of his brilliant live shows, I am glad, that Suraj has decided to use his vocal experience for this album displaying his brilliant range. Chandresh on guitars does little to disappoint all through the album.

Suraj and gang, I'm waiting for your second album - hope that comes out soon.

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