Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rock On - The Music

I personally love the soundtrack of the film and I just might land up buying a second copy of the album as my first copy is now with my brother who’s sitting in Hong Kong… the reason for buying the second copy - I WANT THE LYRICS man!!! I definitely do not want figure out the lyrics the old way - by listening to the songs again and again - hate doing that. People may think I’m crazy but while enroute to Mysore (from Bangalore) with journalists who had come down from London I landed up listening to the entire album about 9times (four times while going there and five times on our return).
I love the way the CD begins with ‘Socha Hai’ opening with the pulsating electrifying guitar creating rhythm. Before looking at the inlay card with the credits, I wondered who the singer could be - loved the freshness that this crooning voice brought in. Before you think that this lad is some “Reality Talent Show” singer discovered recently, let me tell you that while his singing prowess came out with this movie, he has been around for a long time. The singer is Director / Producer turned Actor and Singer - Farhan Akhtar. He croons with excellence and I won’t be surprised if he has been a part of a rock band while in school or college.
Then comes one of my favourite tracks in the album - ‘Pichle Saath Dino Mein’ also sung by Farhaan. Ehsaan Noorani does well with the guitar to give Farhan’s voice the right amount of pump and energy. Ever since I heard the track I’ve been humming ‘Nana na na Nana’ and I won’t be surprised if you do too after listening to this one.
The title track ‘Rock On!’ comes in next. Love the tune of this free-spirited rock number speaking of life at one glance. Life doesn’t always give you a second chance, but if it does, grab it!!! I won’t be surprised if this track becomes the chant of youngistan.
After Rock On comes Dominique Cerejo with ‘Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein’ - a track that impresses from the very beginning. After listening to this track once, I am sure you would definitely want to listen to it again and again.
After these brilliant slow rock tracks comes ‘Zehreelay’ - a track that only someone like Abhishek Kapoor would dare explore. Imagine a psychedelic realm in Hindi. It could only be Suraj who could sing something like this. After all, he has been a rock singer all his life and currently is the lead singer for Dream Out Loud.
‘Tum Ho Toh’ brings in Farhan once again for a soft rock enchanting experience. With intensely romantic lyrics, this track is one you must listen to whenever you think about your better half.
After this, I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly, “Sinbad the sailor jahaaz me jab chala…” - I wondered what Sinbad was doing here suddenly - ‘Sinbad the Sailor’ is someone we read about during our school days and here in a movie that talks about a rock band you suddenly have Farhan telling (or shall I say singing) you story you read many years ago. Raman Mahadevan blends in well with Farhan - though I am not sure which part of the song he’s singing. This too is one of my favourite pieces in the album.
While I personally did not like the tune of ‘Phir Dekhiye’, the lyrics and Caralisa’s vocal chords drew me to it.
The soundtrack of ‘Rock On!’ turns out to be a complete rocking experience and my favourite composers, S-E-L ensure that this album lives up to the expectations they have laid down and also to the film. Loved the lyrics written by Javed Akhtar all through.
Having worked with a music company in the past, I would like to tell you what the Rock On team tells you in the end - “Don’t download the music, go buy your own CD”. Trust me friends - the investment is Worth it! I am also waiting for the DVD to launch - will definitely pick that up too.

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